Acne Clinic

Acne is a common skin problem among teenagers and adults. If you suffered from acne as a teen, chances are (1) you are still dealing with bouts of breakouts as an adult (2) your face is scarred whether small or deep-seated. Regardless of the current situation you're in, acne does affect your confidence. At Ali'i Nani Aesthetic Medicine, we treat the root cause of your acne. In general, acne consultation is covered by insurance but it is always best to check with your insurance company first.


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What to expect during acne treatment?

As this is considered a medical visit, we take into consideration your complete medical history. We customize treatment plans based on the nature and severity of your acne. If your insurance covers acne visit, we will bill your insurance. Sometimes we combine prescription-based treatment protocol with aesthetic procedures to achieve desired outcome. Aesthetic procedures like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, radiofrequency microneedling and laser skin resurfacing are out-of-pocket costs.

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