Age Spots

Dark Spot Removal Treatment

Has time in the sun caused your skin to prematurely age? Sometimes dark spots and sun spots can appear and cause you to look older than you feel. Stop hiding behind makeup and permanently remove dark spots with the Icon laser!*


How Does Laser Dark Spot Removal Work?

Unlike topical creams, the Icon laser can reach deep beneath your skin’s surface to directly reach brown spots. The laser safely targets your unwanted spots with optimized laser light pulses. This process activates your body’s natural healing process, generating new skin cells at the site. Dark spots begin to fade over time, revealing clear skin.

WATCH: How Icon Laser Dark Spot Reduction Works

What to Expect During Icon Laser Treatments

*Results may vary

The Icon laser is safe to use anywhere on the body and can be used on almost all skin types. To remove dark spots from your hands, chest, back, face, arms, and more, several sessions may be recommended in order to achieve the best results. Most patients do not find treatment sessions painful, but a topical anesthetic can be used to help minimize any discomfort. While some minimal side effects, such as a sunburn-like sensation, may be experienced directly after treatments, you will be able to return to your normal daily activities without any disruption!


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