Fine Spider Veins

Spider Vein Removal with the Icon Aesthetic System

You don’t have to avoid wearing your favorite clothes anymore because of embarrassing spider veins. With the Icon aesthetic system spider veins can become a thing of the past without the need to undergo invasive surgical procedures.


How Do Icon Laser Treatments Work?

The Icon laser, unlike topical creams and ointments, can reach deep below the surface of your skin to treat spider veins. A beam of targeted laser light is sent through the skin at targeted veins. These blood vessels and veins absorb the energy and are then destroyed, revealing clear skin.

WATCH: How Icon Laser Vein Removal Treatment Works

What to Expect During Laser Vein Removal Treatments

*Results may vary

Spider vein treatments are conducted in the comfort of our office, usually in less than a half an hour. The number of sessions required will be determined on an individual basis, but most patients need more that one treatment to see the best results. Because the Icon laser is completely non-invasive, there is no need for anesthesia. Most patients do not describe the sensation of the laser as painful, however a topical anesthetic can be applied to help minimize any discomfort. Redness, slight swelling, and a sunburn-like sensation may follow sessions, but these side effects are temporary and resolve quickly. Patients do not require any downtime for recovery and can return to their daily routines without interruption.


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