How To Prevent Skin Issues From Wearing Mask

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, wearing mask has become mandatory when going out in public. To some people, it can trigger skin issues like acne breakout and eczema exacerbation. Our esthetician Karen has these tips for you:

Wash your face with gentle cleanser and and use moisturizer. If you have extra dry skin, opt for face cream.

Wear sunscreen because UV rays still penetrate the mask. If you have sensitive skin, go for physical sunscreen (mineral-based such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide)

As much as possible, don’t wear makeup or heavy foundation. This is a potential culprit for breakout.

Remove your mask when not in public and allow yourself and your skin to breathe normally

If you have some type of irritation from wearing mask, apply Aquaphor

Wash your mask regularly following CDC guidelines

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