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Does Sculpsure Work?

There are people who are looking to lose weight and there are those that are only looking to treat stubborn fat despite diet and exercise. This is where non-invasive procedure like Sculpsure Laser Body Contouring comes in. Sculpsure is FDA-approved to treat stubborn fat in the abdomen, thighs, love handles, arms and submental (under the … Continue reading Does Sculpsure Work?

laser stretch marks removal in kapolei

Can you remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks are considered as scar which can be unsightly to some people. When the skin stretches or shrinks, stretch marks develop. The most common causes of stretch marks include pregnancy, weight gain or loss, growth spurts in puberty, even muscle gain. So the million dollar question is, “will they ever go away?” if treated … Continue reading Can you remove stretch marks?

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