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How do you treat wrinkles?

Truth be told. You can’t totally remove wrinkles but you can reduce or delay their appearance with proper skincare and lifestyle changes vis-à-vis clinically- tested procedures. For skincare, it’s paramount to emphasize sun avoidance as prolonged exposure without protection contributes to photodamage or premature wrinkling of the skin. The American Academyof Dermatology recommends a sunscreen with SPF 30 … Continue reading How do you treat wrinkles?

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Treatment for Acne

Acne is a common skin problem amongst teens and adults alike. If you suffered from acne as a teen, chances are (1) you are still dealing with bouts of breakouts as an adult here and there (2) your face is scarred whether small or deep-seated. Regardless of the current situation you’re in, acne does affect … Continue reading Treatment for Acne

Ali'i Nani Aesthetic Medicine

Treatment for Turkey Neck

It’s true, your neck reveals your real age. While most women spend on skincare products or treatments to reclaim youth, the neck or decolletage area are often neglected, predisposing one to the dreaded turkey neck. With the advancement in technology, there are treatment options to revitalize the neck area, in particular radiofrequency, a clinically-proven procedure … Continue reading Treatment for Turkey Neck

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