Lipotropic Weight Loss

Speed up metabolism, burn fat, increase energy, curb appetite, and build immune system.

Exclusively available at Ali’i Nani, weight loss booster shot is composed of lipotropics, B vitamins and amino acid to help speed up metabolism, increase energy, burn fat, reduce appetite and build immune system. Injections can be administered once a week or every other week.

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Pyridoxine B6: Promotes red blood cell production and converts food to energy.

Inositol: Converts food to energy.

Choline: Healthy nerve cells, cuts muscle recovery time, helps convert fat to energy.

Hydroxocobalamin B12: Energy, healthy nerve cells. More bio available than cyanocobalamin.

Carnitine: Building block for proteins, helps body burn fat as fuel.

Thiamine (B1): Improves immune system, helps convert fat and carbohydrates into energy.

Riboflavin (B2): Increases metabolism, supports immune system.

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