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Wrinkle Relaxers or Neuromodulators like Botox, Xeomin and Dysport  treat and improve moderate to severe frown lines and wrinkles. They help relax dynamic expression lines. Results typically last three to four months.

Our approach to injectables is to keep it natural because a good treatment is one where you can’t exactly pinpoint what was done. Look younger and rejuvenated.

How many units do I need? It varies per patient. Both patients age 30 years old will require different number of units because varying face dynamics, environmental factors, lifestyle, among others will influence the amount of wrinkles we need to treat.

What to do before my treatment? To reduce incidence of bruising, we highly advise our patients to avoid taking Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin (or any other NSAIDs), fish oils, or Vitamin E seven days before your procedure. Also, refrain from consuming alcohol seven days before and after the procedure. Please don’t wear makeup as much as possible.

What to do after my treatment? Stay upright for the next four hours. Skip the gym for 24 hours. In the event of bruising, apply ice pack or topical arnica cream. No facial for one week. 

How long is the treatment? Depends on number of areas. Typically under 10 minutes.

What is Xeomin? it’s the same as Botox, only purer. Meaning, it has no accessory protein so what you are getting is the purer form of neuromodulator. It is prepared and adminsistered the same.

Does it hurt? zero to minimal discomfort. The needle is very tiny. We have tools at our med spa to keep you comfortable during your treatment.

Where can I have it injected? forehead lines, 11s (frown lines), crows feet (around the eyes), bunny lines (lines that form when you crunch your nose), neck bands, pebbled chin, sad smile, lip lift, excessive sweating (underarms and palm), brow lift to some extent.

How much is the treatment? It varies per patient. The number of units will depend on the wrinkles that will be assessed on the day of your appointment. Our Provider will advise you on the day of your appointment. Established patients enjoy our VIP pricing.

Can I combine it with other treatments you offer at your med spa? Generally yes. Our Provider will advise you on the day of your appointment.

Why do I need to follow up with you in 2 weeks? If you are our new patient, we recommend that you follow up with us for evaluation, that is if you need tweaking or additional units. Remember, we don’t over treat; it’s easier to add than overdo it first time. Our established patients don’t generally come back in 2 weeks but they have their maintenance treatment every few months.

What is the best age to start doing Botox? While majority of people are mostly in their 40s and above when they start with this treatment, we also have patients in their 20s who want to start early to further reduce the incidence of developing deeper wrinkles down the line.

Aside from Botox, what else can I do to prevent wrinkles? Wear sunscreen daily, stop smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, eat healthy, exercise, medical-grade skincare (check out our own line at Ali’i Nani), non-invasive treatments like lasers and radiofrequency microneedling, facials (check out our medical facials at Ali’i Nani).

” Dr. Reed and Nurse Marie are experienced in these procedures. They both have good bedside manners too”.  -Gina

All injectables are administered by licensed medical professionals at our medspa. To see more before/after photos and treatments done by our providers, please follow @aliinanimd on Instagram

We are now offering Daxxify

DAXXIFY® is FDA approved to treat moderate to severe lines between the brows. It is the only long-lasting frown line treatment powered by a peptide with results that last on average 6 months and up to 9 months for some.* The active ingredient in DAXXIFY® is a purified protein called botulinum toxin type A.

Is your frown line treatment not lasting as long as you would like? If so, DAXXIFY® could be the solution for you. Discuss your treatment goals with your aesthetic services provider

*At least 50% of patients in clinical studies had no or minor frown lines 6 months after treatment. Between 3% and 5% of patients in clinical studies had no or minor frown lines 9 months after treatment. In other safety studies, between 5% and 17% of patients still had noticeable improvement 9 months later.


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