Voluderm Microneedling

We are the first in Oahu to offer Voluderm, a cutting-edge technology that uses fine micro-pins and radiofrequency energy that trigger your body’s own natural healing mechanism. This stimulates the body to produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. Voluderm treatments result in long-term wrinkle reduction ,improve acne scars,reduce stretch marks and add facial volume leaving your skin smoother, tighter, firmer and refreshed.

Voluderm Microneedling Kapolei

As seen on Livin’ Hawai’i TV

Tighter and firmer skin

” I am scared of needles but this procedure was not scary at all. I have some acne scars and big pores that made me self-conscious all these years. After my third treatment, I noticed some improvements already.”   -Angela T

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