Platelet-rich Fibrin Regenerative Treatments

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PRF or Platelet-rich fibrin is the next best thing in regenerative aesthetics. We use your OWN blood without any additives, making it 100% natural and packed with high growth factors for skin rejuvenation.

This treatment involves a small sample of your blood collected in tubes. The tubes are then spun in the centrifuge to separate red blood cells. It uses a low spin force that pushes red blood cells to the bottom of the tube. The top layer of the tube’s content is collected, which contains your platelets and white blood cells.

This rich concentrate has longer-lasting growth factors for optimal results! There are several ways PRF ca be used: face rejuvenation done either microneedling or intradermal injection, hair restoration, under eye laxity where dermal filler is not the ideal first line of treatment.

PRF is better than PRP because it doesn’t require use of additives or anticoagulants. Watch the treatment below to see how the procedure goes.

What to do before treatment: Stay hydrated. Small meals are allowed before your appointment.

What to expect after treatment: Minimal redness, some swelling, minor bruising. All these will subside in few days.

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