Laser Skin Resurfacing

Reduce scars, brighten complexion, minimize wrinkles

Laser Skin Resurfacing helps with wrinkles, pore reduction, acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, sun spots and melasma.

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Reduce wrinkles

Laser wrinkle reduction works at repairing your skin below the surface. Energy is directed at these areas where it is absorbed by the body. This process helps to activate the production of new collagen and elastin at the site of aging skin. Over time this works to fill wrinkles in and tighten the skin naturally.

Improve acne and surgical scars

Laser skin resurfacing can reach deep below the surface of your skin to target scars without the need for invasive surgery. The damaged tissue absorbs the laser energy, signaling the body to begin producing new collagen and skin cells at the site. This natural healing process allows for scars to be filled in over time with your own skin cells, resulting in clearer, firmer skin over time.

Treat sun spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation

Unlike topical creams, laser can reach deep beneath your skin’s surface to directly reach brown spots. The laser safely targets your unwanted spots with optimized laser light pulses. This process activates your body’s natural healing process, generating new skin cells at the site. Dark spots begin to fade over time, revealing clear skin.

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” I just had my first series of laser facial resurfacing done and I absolutely love the results! I went once a month for 3 months.  And I loved even though I was still in the sun ( hard not to be here in Hawaii)  the results stayed the same , of course I had on sunscreen everyday. Everyone in the office is wonderful ! And parking is great, I would  recommend everyone to check them out “.  -Laura K

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