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Dermal Fillers add volume to different areas of the face like cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, chin, jawline, and more. We stand by our natural approach, look rejuvenated but not overdone. All injectables are administered by licensed medical professionals at our clinic.

Where can I have fillers injected? any areas on the face where revolumization, contouring and correction is needed. Most common areas are lips, cheeks, smile lines, under eyes (hollowness), smokers lines, chin, jawline, among others. Our Provider will assess you on the day of your appointment

How many fillers do I need? It varies per patient. Both patients at 40 years old will require different number of fillers/syringes as signs of aging present differently.

Will I look unnatural? Our approach on injectables is all about looking natural, that is our commitment to our patients.

Does it hurt? Slight discomfort but we do have several numbing options for our patients.

What to do before my treatment? To reduce incidence of bruising, we highly advise our patients to avoid taking Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin (or any other NSAIDs), fish oils, or Vitamin E seven days before your procedure. Also, refrain from consuming alcohol seven days before and after the procedure. On the day of the treatment: Please come makeup-free.

What to do after my treatment? Stay upright for the next four hours. Skip the gym for 24 hours. In the event of bruising, apply ice pack or topical arnica cream. Avoid putting pressure or sleeping on the injected area for at least 2-3 days after. No facial for 2 weeks, no dental work for 1 month.

Can I combine it with Botox or other treatments you have at your med spa? Yes, our Provider will advise you what treatments can be done same day or spaced out for optimal results.

How much is the treatment? It varies per patient, degree of correction, and type of filler that we use. If you require several syringes as in the case of pan facial rejuvenation (full face), we do implement special pricing. Our Provider will determine the cost on the day of your consultation.

Here are some before/after photos of filler injections performed by our Aesthetic Registered Nurse Marie and Dr. Reed. Pls check our Instagram for more before/after photos. Follow @aliinanimd and @hawaiibeauty_injector

I’ve been coming to Ali’i Nani for several years now. The team here is amazing! When you come in they treat you like their most important client. I generally come in for injectable treatments and what I really appreciate is how they strive to make sure you have a natural look and not overdone. Lately, I’ve had a few people comment they never would have known I get injections if I didn’t tell them. They are so used to seeing treatments overdone and are amazed how natural my results are. I make sure to refer them to Ali’i Nani.

– Chonica

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