Medical Weight Loss

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Physician-supervised weight loss program

This physician-supervised program includes physical exams, consultations, labs, nutritional counseling, patient remote monitoring, and prescription as needed, to help you achieve optimal weight loss in a healthy way.

What to expect from this program:

1) You will establish care with Dr. Reed where you will discuss your concerns, weight loss goals, previous medical history.

2) Physical exam: Dr. Reed will assess you as he would for our medical patients at The Family Doctor. This is to make sure that you are in good health and if there are concerns, you will be managed medically.

3) Labs: Please bring your recent blood work (within last 3 months). If you don’t have any, Dr. Reed will order some tests done (lipid profile, basic metabolic profile, renal and liver function) as baseline.

4) Patient remote monitoring: a personalized digital weighing scale will be assigned to you as part of the program. It hooks up to your phone and your daily weight is transmitted to Dr. Reed for monitoring.

5) Every month, you will visit Dr. Reed, in-clinic or virtual, to monitor your progress.

5) You will have exclusive access to Dr. Reed anytime during clinic hours for other questions beside your monthly appointment.

6) Prescription is per need basis. Dr. Reed believes in correcting lifestyle first and foremost, then compliment with medication as deemed important, following a thorough patient assessment.

Program details:

We recommend that you commit to a 6-month plan so we can monitor your progress and be guided properly as you work towards your weight goal.

Two options: pay monthly $299 (auto-charge) or pay $1495 one-time to get one month free ($299 x 5= $1495).

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